Update from the Mendota Heights Police. This was posted on their Facebookpage.


To our Mendota Heights, Mendota, and Lilydale family, we need your help!

We are in the process of identifying our 2018 budget priorities and patrol allocation model. We need to hear from you. What types of activities do you want us to start doing? What types of activities do you want us to stop doing? Is it more important to you that we are enforcing traffic or that we are present at the parks and on the trails? Should we be spending more time on de-escalation and dealing with people with mental illness training or should we be conducting more workshops for parents on how to deal with cyber-bullying? Do you want us to increase our presence on social media or do you get crabby at the thought of your tax dollars being spent to pay someone to post on Facebook? Do you want a proactive police department who goes out and looks for open garage doors and suspicious vehicles, or do you prefer a reactive department that waits for calls. Both models have their pros and cons.

If you want to be involved in the process in a more in-depth way, message us your information and the Chief will contact you.

Remember, no idea is a bad idea and just because something is low on your list, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be high on another resident’s list. Be kind.

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