Condo How-to: Gas Shut-off

It’s important to know where your gas shut-off is for maintenance, appliance replacement, or an emergency.

A copper gas line enters each condo in the furnace or laundry area; the valve nearest the copper pipe shuts off the gas to everything in the unit. Then a black pipe extends out from there, with a shut-off for each gas appliance: fireplace, furnace, BBQ, dryer, and stove.

There is also a gas shut-off to each unit (labeled with the unit number) in the garage, located on the right side of the garage wall as you exit. This shut-off would be useful in an emergency when it’s not possible to gain entry to an individual unit. A few years ago, condo residents smelled gas in the hallway and were able to identify the unit where the gas was coming from, but no one was home. Later it was discovered that an unlit gas burner on the stove had been left on.

Maintenance Committee

Jim Bellus, John Gondek, David Korte, Bill McLeod (chair), Carl Simmons



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