Gas Line Update-Information from Xcel Energy

Hello David,

Attached are a few photos and below is some information from our Project Manager to address your questions below.

General update:

  • Pressure testing was done on Monday
  • Crews are drying the lines this week
  • Tieing-in the Island Line tomorrow
  • Tieing-in the Montreal Line on Friday or Monday
  • Grouting the old pipe and site clean-up will take place next week
  • Restoration and road construction will be complete over the next several weeks

How does the process work to switch over from the old service to the new?

The overall project consists of two pipelines along Lilydale Rd. Our crews will start by shutting one line down, cutting a piece out on both ends and then welding the new pipe into the old, which will take the old pipe out of service.  Once one pipe is tied in, then the same process is done to the other line.  Once both new lines are tied in, then we fill the old pipe with grout which ensures there is no gas left in the pipe and makes it inert.

Is the process safe?  

We have procedures that are written by experienced engineers in this field, which are then reviewed by other engineering staff members to ensure the procedures are safe, logical and understood.


One of the photos shows a pipe being installed coming up Lilydale Rd. and the other photo shows a side boom tractor holding a pipe that is being bent to fit the contours of the road.

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